How to Prepare for Demolition Services

5 December 2016
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When you plan to completely demolish a property, you are responsible for taking a few safety steps even if you will not be the one driving the wrecking ball machine. This does not matter if you are planning to complete house demolition or large apartment building demolition. You should follow these steps and have a professional run the machine.

Prepare Surrounding Areas If you are only demolishing one room in your house, you will want to cover the furniture in your other rooms. Demolishing includes a lot of dust and dirt, and you do not want to give yourself the extra responsibility of cleaning that furniture.

Remove Hazardous Materials Some materials should not be destroyed with a wrecking ball. They may have chemicals, such as parts of the house that contain asbestos. You may need someone to remove the asbestos before you begin demolishing. This will require another professional but will keep the air safe for breathing during and after the demolition services are performed.

Make Your Demolishing Legal Maybe you have a lot of practice in demolishing and rebuilding spaces. Maybe this is your first time. It doesn't matter, because rules are always changing. Check the latest manual and make sure that your plans are compliant with the regulations and that you have the proper permit. Check with the contractor you are considering hiring for demolishing to see his license for driving the vehicle. Make sure that he and his equipment are properly insured. That way, if an accident happens, you will not be responsible for paying for everything.

Disconnect Utilities Make sure that all electricity and water that is connected with the building you will be demolishing is turned off. You do not want to turn the space into a water fountain that then you owe hundreds of dollars for the leaked water. You may feel comfortable turning these off yourself or you may want a specialist to come look at the utilities for you.

Have a Safety Plan Last of all, you need to have a proper safety plan in place. Who will be allowed on the property while the building is being demolished? How will you keep bystanders safe? What is a proper distance that curious onlookers can stand? You need to make sure that everyone on the site will be properly protected. As you can see, demolishing a building is a little more planned than simply getting the wrecking ball out and beginning. Being safe from beginning to end may take longer but will pay off.

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