Emergency Mobile Crane Hire: 4 Things to Consider

12 December 2016
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If you are carrying out a construction job, and part of the structure fails and collapses, you will need to hire an emergency crane at short notice to deal with the debris. You should hire a mobile crane mounted on a chassis that can be quickly driven into position and put to work without a great deal of setting up. Below is a guide to four things you should consider when hiring an emergency mobile crane.

The space available

While both telescopic and articulated cranes will be suitable for lifting and loading failed construction debris, the choice between these two types of crane will largely be dictated by the amount of space you have to work with. A failed or partially collapsed construction job may have reduced the amount of space you have available to operate in. The extendable boom on a telescopic crane will provide a great deal of reach, making this kind of crane ideal if you cannot get close to the site of the collapse. An articulated crane can slew, which makes this type perfect if you need the crane to be positioned in a tight or confined space.

The load weight and lifting distance

You should estimate the load weight the crane will need to lift. If you are lifting beams or other solid components, which can not be broken down into separate lifts, you will need a larger crane. In addition to the load weight, you will also need to factor in the horizontal lifting distance. The greater the distance between the cranes, the lower the maximum load weight.

The number of cranes required

Depending on the size of the load that needs to be lifted, you may need multiple cranes. You should use one crane to balance the load and the other cranes to manoeuvre the load into position. However, each additional crane used adds to the degree of coordination required in order to carry out a successful lift.

The terrain

You should also consider the terrain at the lift site. If the terrain is rough or undeveloped, you should hire an all-terrain mobile crane. An all-terrain crane is fitted with oversized tyres, which allow it to traverse steep or uneven terrain.

If you would like further advice or information about the best type of mobile crane, contact a crane-hire company. They will be happy to discuss your needs before recommending the type of heavy equipment you need to get the job done.