Useful Tips to Hiring a Crane for Your Project

31 May 2017
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Are you working on complex construction project? If so, there are high chances that you will need a crane at some point during the project. The market has many types of cranes, meaning that it is so easy to pay for something that might fall short of your expectations and operational needs. Additionally, cranes require specialised skills for inspection and operation. Lack of skills and knowledge of the inherent risks involved will lead to accidents and injuries in the course of the projects. Thankfully, the following useful tips will help you do everything right when hiring a crane for your construction project:

Choosing the Right Crane

Cranes aren't the type of equipment where you just walk into a service provider's premises pick one and have them delivered to your site. They need careful consideration and selection. The best thing is to list down the type of tasks that you would to perfume with the help of a crane. Will you use it for rigging, pulling, hoisting, lifting or working platform? Additionally, take an inventory of the site conditions listing down any special terrain features such as steep slopes, escarpments and valleys. If possible, let the service provider examine the site in person to assess any challenges that you might encounter in the course of using the crane. All these things will help your service provider to determine the best crane for your needs. Moreover, you will be able to set up any pre-installation structures needed by the crane before it actually get to the site.

Consider the Insurance Needs

Note that you will be dealing with very expensive pieces of equipment. Should significant damage occur to any of them, you must be aware of the manner in which the liability will be handled. Essentially, the difference comes in when you either rent the equipment or hire it. Rental companies deal with leasing agreements that often pass the right of usage and ownership to you. Therefore, the liability also passes to you in case of damage. On the other hand, hire companies are considered a service and they retain the right of ownership. If damage occurs when using the crane for its intended purpose, then the liability falls on your service provider.

Think about the Operators

Before paying for the crane, as your service provider to show you the legal certification of the people that will be in charge of the crane on your site. If you prefer to outsource this service, however, make sure that the people you get have the required license to ascertain that they have the rights skill set.