Ask these 4 Questions before Hiring Crane Truck Services

27 June 2017
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Using crane services could be just one requirement of your job, but could in turn make or destroy the entire project. This will involve engaging with a company that is able to adhere to all your requirements without causing inconveniences or making you incur additional costs. Most of the large scale companies widely rely on their pieces of equipment in order to run their business. For this reason, you need a company that is sure of the cranes they lease. Maintenance, equipment costs, and training of operators, among other factors, are some of the issues of concern when entering into an agreement with a crane hire company. Here are some questions you must demand clear answers to before settling on a company for such services.

Do you have the type of Machinery I need? Based on the nature of your project, the type of crane needed will always vary. Consult a trusted provider to offer you a wide range of options including cranes that can handle larger projects and the ones that offer rigging supplies. Do not spend your money on pieces of equipment that are not specific to the nature of work you are planning to do.

Do you have any form of Insurance Cover? Always consider working with crane rental companies that have appropriate insurance cover for protection over damages or accidents for safety reasons. You may end up incurring extra costs if the company you will be dealing with is not covered by any form of insurance cover. The nature of insurance should also be explained to know the level of engagement and extent of protection by the insurance company.

How long has your Company been in the Business? Companies that have been in the business quite some time will have a long and reputable track record of working with various industries. Request for previously completed work and their engagement with different clients to track their past record. Companies that are proud of their work will be more than willing to offer samples of their completed projects and the general feedback from clients.

Are your Crane Operators Qualified? Cranes should be operated with qualified personnel that have proper training. They should also be experienced enough, certified and licensed to operate the crane within the required safety guidelines of the industry. Consult on the nature of training programs that the crane operators are required to undertake to have a rough idea of what is required of them when handling the crane.