Carry heavy loads with ease using a front end loader

1 November 2017
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When you have a load of material that needs to be moved then using one or more front end loaders is a great way to achieve this without delaying the project. Front end loaders allow material to be quickly loaded into stockpiles for transfer into trucks so that it can be taken away from the site.

What is a front end loader?

Front end loaders are essentially tractors that are fitted with a large, square tilting bucket on the front. The bucket is attached using movable arms and used to shift materials around. Many wheel loaders allow the bucket to be replaced with a variety of other tools, such as forks, so that different types of material can be transported more easily. Wheel loaders come in many types. Larger front loaders, including the Volvo L120E and the Caterpillar 950G, come equipped with just a front bucket, while smaller front loaders are frequently fitted with a small backhoe in addition to the large front bucket.

Where can I use a front end loader?

The primary purpose of these front end loaders is to move large amounts of dirt around but they can be found working on farms, quarries, building sites and road excavations, carrying everything from pipes to bricks and metal bars. In some parts of the world, they are even deployed to clear roads blocked by heavy snowfall. Wheel loaders have a well-deserved reputation as efficient pieces of construction equipment which a well trained operator can quickly move backwards and forwards with ease. Their hydraulic transmission is both flexible and compact allowing them to work in confined space with ease and make light work of even the heaviest lifting.

Is a front end loader right for me?

If you need any materials transported around your work site or transferred to a waiting fleet of trucks then a front end loader would be the perfect choice. The one thing that you should not try to use a wheel loader for is digging. They are not classified as excavation equipment and cannot dig below the level of their wheels. Lifting and carrying is the main function of front end loaders and for that purpose it is hard to think of any piece of equipment that can do the job more effectively. Talk to your local equipment supplier to find out the most suitable front end loader for your needs and how you can make your project run more smoothly by hiring a wheel loader to take care of all the heavy lifting.