On-Site Lifting Equipment Options

14 December 2017
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When you are working on a construction project, big or small, there is always the time when you will need to raise items from the ground to their intended position. Whether you need to raise pre-cast sections of concrete to create upper storeys or timbers to fashion a roofline, construction professionals need a method of getting them off the ground which is both safe and reliable whilst offering good value for money. Read on to discover the commonly used methods adopted by construction firms and the pros and cons of each.

Cherry Pickers

These sorts of lifting platforms are an incredibly safe way of getting construction materials and operatives up and down. One of the chief advantages of a cherry picker is that the installation can take place at the same time that the materials are raised because they can transport people as well as goods. As such, they are a good option for installing things like light fittings that will be suspended from a great height. Highly mobile, cherry pickers need reasonably flat land in order to remain stable. They tend to be an expensive option, whether you are looking to hire or to buy.

Forklift Trucks

A highly adaptable form of lifting, forklifts are the ideal thing on large construction sites where multiple lifting operations are going to be required throughout the course of the project. Cheap to run and easy to operate, a forklift will require decent ground to get around on—they are not suited to muddy outdoor construction sites. Having said that, some forklifts have been operated successfully for years in warehouses and yards which have imperfectly level ground. Check the maximum height that you can lift to when considering a forklift because this will vary from model to model. Another key factor to consider is the maximum loading capacity of any forklift you want to use.


Larger construction sites will usually have a crane installed from close to the beginning of the project. For smaller jobs, a temporary or mobile crane tends to be a more cost-effective option, but you'll need to plan all of your lifting operations to coincide with one another to get the best value for your money. Remember that mobile cranes need plenty of access room in order to get close to where the lifting needs to be done. However, they have a long reach. Cranes are the best option for when you need to raise and lower heavy construction equipment or materials.