Construction Equipment Rental: Four Crucial Tips for Choosing a Tray Top Crane

12 June 2018
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If you are planning on renting a tray top crane for your construction work, you should take time to inspect and assess the heavy equipment before acquisition. Choosing the wrong crane for your needs will result in financial losses and inefficiencies on the worksite. On the other hand, the right construction equipment will ensure worksite safety and optimal performance. Here are essential tips to remember when selecting your rental tray top crane.

Inspect the Emergency Features

You should check the emergency features of your preferred tray top crane before renting. Under ideal circumstances, you should take time to conduct tests to ensure that there will be no complications in the future. You must ensure that the flashing lights installed for warning purposes are functional. These components might not seem important, but they are highly critical for ensuring safety during operations. You should also confirm that the auxiliary braking system is functional. If there are any faulty emergency systems, you should commission repair before use.

Examine the System for Leaks

The hydraulic system is critical in the lifting mechanisms installed in heavy construction equipment, including tray top cranes. If the hydraulic system fails, you will have to handle the consequences of downtime during your project. One of the most common causes of hydraulics failure is fluid leakage. Therefore, you should take time to check the hydraulic system for leaks before renting the equipment. If you notice fluid seepage, you should have the damaged component repaired to avoid failure.

Consider the Modifications

You should check your preferred tray top crane for modifications. If the equipment has been altered significantly, it might be more difficult to operate. In addition, it might not be suitable for your construction work. For example, if the tray top crane truck has gone through trailer body extension, it might not be suitable for a small worksite. You should also watch out for uncertified alterations. Unapproved modifications could have a negative impact on the integrity of the tray top. For instance, if the centre of gravity is shifted due to body extensions, the equipment will be unstable during lifting operations.

Check the Maintenance Records

Finally, you should examine the maintenance records kept by your heavy equipment supplier. The integrity and performance of construction machine depends significantly on the upkeep. If the preferred tray top crane has been neglected, it might perform inefficiently and fail prematurely. On the other hand, if the crane is well-maintained, you can expect stable operation and safety on your worksite.