Follow These Safety Precautions when Working Near the Rotary Table in Drilling

2 November 2018
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Most of the accidents that occur in the drilling environment happen on the rig floor, and especially in the area immediate to the rotary table. In most cases, members of the drilling team get injured when they are caught between the equipment and the tubular. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you follow all the recommended safety rules when working near or around the table to avoid accidents. Here are the safety precautions that can help you minimise the probability of accidents.

State of the table

The rotary table and the entire area that surrounds it should have mats covering them. This will prevent slips and falls. It is common for people to place tools carelessly on the rotary table because it is an available and easily accessible surface. However, it is advisable to keep all tools off the table to prevent falls. Tools and materials should always be properly stored on the rig floor when they are not in use. In addition to clearing all the tools which aren't in use, you also need to clean the rotary table surface and always maintain it in a dry condition.


Another reason that people get injuries when they are working near or around the rotary table and floor is when they aren't aware of what is happening in their environment. Train everyone working near the table to watch the driller and other workers for signals. Multitasking around the rotary table is highly discouraged; however, it is important to pay special attention to all the processes, if you have to perform tasks such as drilling and maintenance in one go. Special attention should be given to the rotating device when performing the drilling function on the floor. 

Safety clothing

You should always ensure everyone working on the floor of the rig, and especially around the table, has their safety gear on at all times. Hard hats, safety shoes, glasses, gloves and well-fitted clothes come in handy for protecting you from accidents and other incidents around the rotary table. 

Always ensure that there is coordination between the drillers and the rotary helpers throughout the drilling process. Designate the task of unlocking and locking the rotary table to an expert, and make sure that games and pranks are highly discouraged on the floor. Regular maintenance and repair of the rotary table will stop small damages from accumulating and causing major accidents on the rig. 

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