Does Your Construction Site Need A Dewatering Pump?

18 April 2019
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While some excavation projects may go ahead without the use of a dewatering pump, it is imperative to have a dewatering pump as part of your construction arsenal as long as you are employing heavy construction equipment on a site with groundwater present. If you choose to overlook the need for a dewatering pump, you stand the risk of having your project hindered for a considerable amount of time, which will have a negative impact on your project's timeline, not to mention that without dewatering a site, you could end up with the entire project halted, which means a substantial loss of finances. If you are new to the construction industry and are under the assumption that you could overlook the cost of buying or leasing a dewatering pump, read on for reasons why your construction site needs this equipment.

A dewatering pump ensures a stable construction site

While water on its own is not a threat to a construction site, waterlogged soil is. Without a dewatering pump, groundwater can steadily seep into the soil. This seepage can affect your project in various ways. The water seepage may not be extreme and might only lead to moist soil. However, you cannot put foundation on this moist soil since the water will simply seep into the foundation base, making it defunct for the new structure. On the extreme end, the seepage can cause the soil to shift. Resultantly, you will not be able to carry out any construction on the site's surface. A dewatering pump not only ensures that the site is stable but it also catches the groundwater before it seeps into the soil.

A dewatering pump ensures the safety of the construction workers

A construction site, admittedly, is a hazardous area. When you take into consideration all the different types of heavy construction equipment that are present at any time, there is a high risk of accidents happening. Nonetheless, if your construction workers are properly trained, they will know how best to protect themselves from injury. However, construction workers may not have the necessary training in dealing with slippery environments. If groundwater permeates your site, the entire area becomes muddy, which increases the risk of slip-and-fall accidents that could prove grievous to your employees. Additionally, a muddy site means handling heavy construction equipment becomes more challenging, which could also lead to injury to the operators. Overall, it is best to steer clear of these scenarios by investing in an efficient dewatering pump.