Why Buy an All-Terrain Crane?

18 February 2021
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If you want to buy a crane, then you might struggle to find a vehicle that meets all your needs. If a regular truck crane or rough terrain option aren't quite right for you, then it's worth looking at an all-terrain alternative. These cranes combine truck transport with a mounted crane. What are the benefits of using an all-terrain crane?

1. Get a Crane That Works on Any Site

While regular truck and rough terrain cranes work well in certain conditions, they have limitations. For example, a regular truck crane might work well if you're working on a solid surface; however, it might struggle in rough terrain conditions. It might not have the traction and stability you need on uneven, soft or wet ground. On the other hand, a rough terrain crane works well on adverse surface conditions; know that you might have to spend more time setting it up. Plus, this might not be an ideal solution if you need a crane that can work on public roads or small sites with good ground conditions. Its larger and more rugged wheels might cause some ground damage, or it might be too large for the job you need it to do.

An all-terrain crane could solve your problems. These cranes work well on all site conditions; they are easy to set up. They are ideal solutions on small or cramped sites as they have a relatively compact footprint. So, you should be able to use the crane on different kinds of jobs without a problem.

2. Get Easier Transport Solutions

If you need a crane that can work on rougher ground, then you might have problems getting the crane to and from the site. If you can drive the crane on public roads, then you might have to drive more slowly; the vehicle won't necessarily have the speed and manoeuvrability to make road travel quick or easy. In some cases, you might have to have the crane transported. If you have to pay to have the crane loaded on to a carrier and then moved on and off a site, then your job and time costs increase.

An all-terrain crane has an all-wheel-drive suspension. It is as manoeuvrable as a regular truck. So, you can get the crane to and from your work sites much more quickly if you need to use public roads. You won't have extra transport costs or time delays.

To find out more about the benefits of all-terrain cranes, contact crane manufacturers or suppliers.