Top Tips For Hiring An Earthmoving Service

25 August 2021
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Earthmoving services are essential when you need to build foundations, trenches, roads and landscapes. When hiring an earthmoving service, you must be confident in the company's work ethic and expertise in executing earthmoving works. So, how can you conduct this assessment? Below are some questions that you can use to interview an earthmoving service. 

What Projects Do They Specialise In? 

The answer to this question will enlighten you about the company's ability to complete your project. For example, some companies will specialise in landscaping projects while others deal in massive civil construction projects. Ask the company about their clientele, their most challenging projects and some of their current projects. If possible, take the time to tour these projects and talk with clients. This will improve your confidence in the company's work. 

Do They Have The Required Machines? 

Machines are a critical aspect of any earthmoving project. Therefore, assess the company's equipment to establish if they can execute the proposed work. Typically, the earthmovers should be easy to work with on your site. For instance, small earthmovers such as skid steer loaders can work in constricted spaces. In some cases, you need equipment with a long reach to work through obstacles at the site. Earthmovers with tracks can work on soft soil or muddy areas. Choosing the right equipment goes a long way in ensuring the project can be completed without any incidents or accidents at the site. 

What Safety Measures Will They Observe At The Site? 

An accident could slow down the earthmoving work or expose you to legal issues. Therefore, the company must detail the measures that they will observe at the site. For instance, they should conduct an assessment to determine the working conditions and site accessibility. Additionally, the earthmovers deployed to the site must be in excellent condition. Other than skilled operators, the company should also have experienced riggers, supervisors and spotters. This personnel will maintain the earthmovers and guide the operators. Finally, a traffic control plan will prevent collisions at the site. 

What Are Their Terms? 

The company's terms must be clear and direct. For example, they should be straightforward about the services that they offer. If possible, you should consider companies that provide comprehensive services including earthmover operation, geotechnical surveys and construction work. This way, you won't need to hire other service providers. The company must have adequate insurance coverage to ensure you are not held liable for accidents at the site. Finally, examine the pricing to ensure that it is within your budget. 

When hiring an earthmoving service, examine the company's specialisation, machines, safety measures and terms.