Cost-Saving Mechanisms When Renting Bobcats

28 October 2021
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Bobcats are ideal when you need to conduct light excavation work. Price is a critical consideration for contractors and homeowners who intend to rent bobcats. The extract below details a few cost-saving mechanisms to consider when renting bobcats. 

Hire Locally 

Similar to other clients, your search for a bobcat could begin with an internet search to identify companies that offer bobcat hire services. As a rule, you should consider locally based companies. Most bobcat rental companies offer transport services to their clients, but, you are more likely to receive free or discounted transport if you are within the company's locality. However, if the company has to transport the bobcat for a long distance, you will likely incur a significant additional charge. 

Choose Suitable Equipment

There are different bobcat models. As such, you should ask the company to send a catalogue of the various bobcats they have. Your choice of bobcat should meet your site specifications. For example, a high-reach arm would be ideal when conducting demolition work or digging deep trenches. On the other hand, an amphibious bobcat will help you build sea walls or clear waterways. It would also be wise to examine the condition and durability of the bobcat you intend to hire. 

Be Cautious With Attachments

The primary advantage of bobcats is that they can support numerous attachments, including augers, breakers, rakes, grapples, and couplers. As such, you do not require numerous plant equipment working at your site. If you need extra attachments, you must consider if the attachment is suitable for the bobcat you intend to rent. For example, a breaker would need a lot of power to ensure efficiency when crushing rock. In this case, you should hire a bobcat with additional horsepower. If not, you risk damaging the bobcat. In this case, you will incur penalties and repair expenses which could be more than the extra rental charge. 

Determine The Need For An Operator

Most clients are usually in a dilemma of whether to hire a wet or dry bobcat. Thoroughly assess your needs to establish if you require an operator. For example, you may not require one if you intend to conduct landscaping work such as digging holes or trenches, levelling, or moving tree stumps. However, you might need an operator when working on steep slopes or if the excavation work is beyond your expertise. Remember, dry bobcat hire comes with its unique set of risks. Typically, you bear responsibility if the bobcat breaks down or suffers an accident. However, you do not bear any liability if you had a company-appointed operator driving the bobcat.  

When hiring a bobcat, consider local companies, choose the right equipment, assess the suitability of the attachments, and determine the need for an operator.