How To Choose A Dewatering Pump

16 March 2023
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Choosing a dewatering pump can be pretty challenging. It is especially so since you have numerous models to choose from. Below is a guide on how to select dewatering pumps


Durability and reliability are essential concerns when purchasing a dewatering pump. An ideal dewatering pump should be built to withstand extreme environments. For instance, all metallic parts should be galvanised to protect them from rust. Moreover, the pump design should incorporate numerous seals to ensure water and dirt do not leak inside the pump. The pump should also be easy to clean. Pump clogging is a significant issue in most construction sites. It is especially so since the water could contain dirt and waste that could clog the pump. The best way around this issue is to ensure the pump you purchase can pump dirty water. 

You should also conduct due diligence to establish the experience of other clients using similar pumps. For instance, you could interview other contractors to determine what problems they have experienced using the pump. For example, does it overheat when running for long hours? Does the pump develop lose its suction? Does the pump perform according to the manufacturer's specifications? How often does the pump break down? These insights can help you compare the different dewatering pump models. 


Examine the pump's specifications. For instance; 

  • What is the pump's inlet size? It significantly affects the amount of water it can pump.
  • Assess the pump's flow rate to establish how fast it can pump water.
  • Examine the pump's maximum head to determine the maximum height it can pump water.
  • What is the pump's power source? Typically, you choose between electric, petrol and diesel pumps.
  • Examine the pump's energy efficiency. The rule is to consider models with high energy efficiency to reduce operating costs. 

Ease Of Movement

You will often need to move the pump from one site to the next. Consequently, you should consider lightweight pumps with handles to ensure ease of movement. When purchasing larger pumps, consider models with a trolley, forklift slots and lifting beams. This way, you do not have to worry about accidents when lifting and loading the pump. 

Servicing Schedule 

What is the pump's servicing schedule? The general rule is to consider pumps with long service intervals. It prevents you from the inconvenience of having to service the pump every few days. Moreover, examine the availability and costs of replacement parts. 

When purchasing a dewatering pump, assess its durability, specifications, ease of movement and servicing schedule.